1976    B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
1984    Studio Diploma, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts
1989    M.F.A. (Master of Fine Arts), School of the Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University, Boston, Massachusetts


Current Teaching Position

From 2000    Senior Adjunct Lecturer, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Technion University, Haifa, Israel
(basic and advanced multi-disciplinary courses, drawing, environmental art)


Performances / Action-based projects, installations and exhibitions

– “Shedding” Collaborative performance and installation with Susan Shantz, Honor Kever,
AKA Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

– “18,666 Markings”, wall drawing installation, Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
– “FLUX 2”, drawing performance for Festival of the Body, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada
– “Scarred and Punctured 2” (prayer mat), performance, Sara Erman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
– “Scarred and Punctured” Sited drawing project and performance for video, Open House exhibition, DRAWinternational artists residency, Caylus France

– “FLUX”, live drawing performance, Romantso Cultural Centre, for Metamporphosis,Interdisciplinary Arts Festival, Athens, Greece
– “Line Made by Walking through Petals” (A 50 year tribute to Richard Long’s Line Made by Walking), live performance, Artists Centre, Modiin-Reut, Israel

– “Drawing and Blurring Lines (on a Brick Wall)”, Draw to Perform Symposium, Crow’s Nest Gallery, London, England
– “Marking the Passing of a Day,” 24 hour durational drawing, Duration and Dialogue Performance Festival, Katzman Gallery, Toronto, Canada

“White Lines”, performance, Inter-Action festival, Artists’ House, Tel Aviv

– “Marking the Territory”, Orpheus in Yafo, poetry-performance series, collaboration with Yonatan Kunda
– “Erasing Walls – A Brief Illustrated History of the Walls of Jerusalem“, Hansen Lepers Hospital, 5th Biennale of Drawing, Jerusalem


– “Fragments of Knowledge”, Wall drawing/installation, 5 Approaches to the Encyclopedia Hebraica, Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel
– “Spoken Encyclopedia” interactive site performance, 5 Approaches to the Encyclopedia Hebraica, Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel
– “Pilgrimage”, Walking performance, Ramat Hasharon, studio event – Osi Yalon, Ramat Hasharon, Israel
– “Teaching Me to Write (in Arabic”), interactive performance, Upper Spaces, Lower Spaces – Urban Interventions, Haifa, Israel

– “Reading and Marking”, performance for drawing and spoken word, artist’s studio, Ramat Hasharon, Israel, with Yonatan Kunda
– “Plants, Books, Walls”, Interactive performance, book launch event, Bilu Blich studio, Tel Aviv

– “Marking Space”, performance/installation for drawing and sound, Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, N.Y., collaboration with Ellen Moffat

– “Wall of Perpetual Drawing”, performance/drawing installation, video screening, 4th Biennale of Drawing, Barbur Gallery and Artists’ House, Jerusalem
– “Realms of Knowing”, site performance, Hart House, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, collaboration with Ellen Moffat
– “Performed Books”, CWSE/OISE, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

– “Disappearing”, drawing-based performance, Spectacoli di Mistero Festival, Venice, Italy
– “Reading into the Landscape” Durational site performance, What is Hidden Behind the Pastoral, Mamuta Art and Media Center, Jerusalem, Israel

– “Marking Stones”, site project, performance and installation, Binaural Artists Residency, Nodar, Portugal
– “Outside In”, performance, video installation, Fleishman Gallery, 7a11d International Performance Festival, Toronto, Canada
– “The Consolation of Philosophy”, performance, Reading Material: Artists Books, Municipal Gallery of Art, Rishon Letsion, Israel
– “360 Degrees: Three Drawing Actions”, performance, Night Trains (Salon D’Automne III), Tel-Aviv-Yafo, Israel
– “Erased Monuments”, wall installation/ performance, Rappaport Studio performance event, Ramat Gan, Israel
– “Drawing in an Empty Room”, performance/ drawing, Gallery Nachshon, Kibbutz Nachshon, Israel

– “Topographical Readings”, V.I.P. performance event, Ticho House, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
– “Walk with Mask”, Streamers and Sardine Cans”, Grand Churrasco Performance Festival, Lisbon, Portugal

– “Sisters at Work”, performance, collaborative action, screenings, Collision06: Inter-arts Symposium, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C.,Canada
– “Walk with Donkey”, Live Art Festival, Kibbutz Naan, Israel

– “Branching III” performance, video works, Woman-Tree, Espais Foundation of Contemporary Art, Girona, Spain
– “Branching II”, collaboration/ for video and live performer, Marking Motion, The Lab, San Francisco, California, with Sheila Ghidini
– “Backyard with Olive Grove”, Beit Haomanim (Artists’ House), Tel Aviv, Israel
– “Summer Studio”, performance/ exhibition, Passage Gallery, Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel
– “Elemental Acts”, Deleon White Gallery, Toronto, Canada

– “Reforestation” performance, installation, Homesick: Salon D’Automne II, Herzl 29, Tel Aviv, Israel
– “Roadside Offerings” , HEARA 7, Ohel Moshe Neighborhood and Center, Jerusalem, Israel
– “Metamorphosis” performance, installation Private Gardens, Kibbutz Nachshon, Israel
– “Collaborative Activity”, performance, collaborative action. Committing Voice Conference, Goddard College, Vermont

– “Down to Earth” EBENT ’03 International Performance Festival, Barcelona, Spain
– “10 Mandalas; Walking Mandala”, Circle with a Centre, Boreal Art/Nature Centre
– “Intimate Investigations”, , Contemporary Ritual Performance series, The Western Front, and LIVE Biennale of Performance Art, Vancouver, Canada
– “Daily Interactions”, DeLeon White Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

– “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” performance, HEARA 4, Underground Prisoners’ Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
– “City Shelter”, extended performance/ installation, Limbus Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
– “Walk to the Sea”, performance, FIX02 Catalyst Arts Performance Festival, Day of Simultaneous Action – Tel Aviv / Belfast

– “Nightshift”, Blurrr: 3rd Biennale of Performance Art, Kibbutz Nachshon, Israel
– “Branching I”  Prima Cogna, , Works Gallery, San Jose, California, with Sheila Ghidini

– “Local Activity”, performance/ installation, Gallery OneOneOne, School of Art, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
– “18 Short Ceremonies for a Building of Emptied Rooms”, Memory and Vision, Israeli-German Artists’ Exchange, Potsdam, Germany

– “Volume: compressed + expanded”, performance/ installation, Grove Street Windows, San Francisco Art Commission, California, with Sheila Ghidini

– “Angelmaking and Barricades” performance/ installation, Angels and Aliens, Walter McBean Gallery, Art Institute San Francisco, California

– “A Temporary State of Grace”, Arad Museum of Art, Arad, Israel

– “Transient Positions”, New Art Center, Kiryat Tivon, Israel

– “Impossibly Northern Continents”, Yefet 28 Gallery, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel

– “New Works”, Gallery Moos, Toronto, Canada

– “The Palm at the End of the Mind”, Gallery Eleven, Tufts University, Medford, Mass.
– “Coming Through Matter”, Tjaden Hall Gallery, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.

– “Emerging from Chaos”, University of Massachusetts Gallery, Worcester, Mass.


Video and performance screenings

The performance videos and drawing-based videos have been screened at many performance and inter-media events including: On Water, Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2016 Korean Nature Artists Association YATOO; Borderland – The Entropy of identities, Meca Mediterráneo Centro Artístico, and Museo de Almería Universidad de Granada, Spain; Line Made by Walking, Haifa Museum, Haifa, Israel; Screening of Performance Art in the Natural Environment (SPANE), Toronto, Canada; Nodar: Inscribed Territory, Viseu, Portugal; The Third Ear Screening Rooms, Tel Aviv, Israel; Epipiderme, Lisbon, Portugal; Exist08, Brisbane, Australia; Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan, R.O.C.; Mobile Archive (Israeli Center for Digital Art), Kunstverein, Hamburg, and Holon, Israel; PI Performance and Inter-media, Szczecin-Swinoujscie, Poland; Inport Media Festival, Estonia; Collision 06, Inter-arts Symposium, UVic, Victoria, B.C.; EBent /Center for Contemporary Culture, Barcelona, Spain; Live Art/Dead Art, Godine Gallery, Mass.College of Art, Boston, Massachusetts; 7a11d Festival of Performance Art, Toronto, Canada; IMAF Performance in Nature, Performance Art Today and International Multimedia Festival, Odzaci, Serbia and Montenegro.

The work has also been presented at universities and art institutions, including-Tel Aviv University; Bezalel School of Art, Masters Program, Tel Aviv; School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA.; Ontario College of Art and Design, Video and Performance, and Drawing Depts., Toronto, Canada: Fine Arts Department, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon; Photography Department, Ryerson College, Toronto, Canada: Sapir College Art Department, Shderot, Israel: Architecture and City Planning Department, Technion, Haifa, Israel: Musrara College, Jerusalem, Emuna College, Jerusalem; Valand School of Fine Arts, Gothenburg University, Gothenburg, Sweden; The Interdisciplinary Centre, Jerusalem, and at public schools in Israel, through Cultural Initiative -Artists in the Schools program.


Selected Group Exhibitions

– “Three Environmental Artists”, Open Gallery for Environmental Art, Rishon Letzion, Israel
– “BAAD” Reservoir Gallery Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Tel Aviv

– “Haifa, Israel/ Plovdiv, Bulgaria”, Pygmalion House, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

– “Gray Matter: 4 artists collaborate”, Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv Israel
– “Parallel Worlds”, ScalaMata Exhibition Space, Venice, Italy

– “Reading Material”, Municipal Gallery of Art, Rishon Letsion

– “Nature in Mind”, Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, Gongju National Museum, Korea

– “Wired Forest”, Kirkland Art Centre, Seattle, Washington
– “A3” Israeli Drawing, Pyramid Gallery, Haifa, Israel

– “Woman Enough”, Ein Harod Museum of Art, Kibbutz Ein Harod, Israel

– “Salon D’Automne I”, (Herzl 29), Tel Aviv, Israel

– “Memory and Vision II”, (Israeli-German Artists’ Exchange), The Artists’ Residence Gallery, Herziliya, Israel
– “Hands”, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

– “Memory and Vision”, Israeli-German Artists’ Exchange, Panzerhalle, Potsdam, Germany

– “Natural Selections”, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, San Francisco, California

– “Back Room Noise”, Refusalon, San Francisco, California

– “Three Artists: Three Installations”, Yavneh Artists’ Workshop gallery, Yavneh, Israel

– “Posner Hosts Gimel”, Posner Gallery, Los Angeles, California
– “Drawing / Objects”, Gallery Gimel, Jerusalem, Israel

– “Material World”, Nachshon Gallery, Kibbutz Nachshon, Israel

– “Material: Sense and Essence”, Yefet 28 Gallery, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel

– “Drawing New England”, Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, Mass.
– “New England Women Artists”, North Hall Gallery, Mass. College of Art, Boston, Mass.

– “Radiant Density”, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts
– “Works on Paper”, Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, Massachusetts

– “Eastern Influence”, Wang Center Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

– “Threads: Contemporary Drawings”, Visual Language Workshop, M.I.T., Cambridge, Mass.
– “Dana Pond Competition” Award Recipients, Museum School Gallery, Boston, Mass.


Projects, Residencies, workshops, etc.

“Made of Walking 2” workshop and presentation, Akamas, Cyprus
“Festival of the Body” Performance drawing, presentation and workshop, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada

– DRAWinternational residency, Caylus, France, project, video
“Walk with Books” action for performer, for Analogio Festival, Athens, Greece

– “Made of Walking”, presentation, workshop and performance, ANIMART- Experiential Art School Forum on Contemporary Creativity, Delphi, Greece
– Symposium “Draw to Perform” – Performance and workshop, London, England

– “Gulkistan”, Center for Creativity, Laugarvatn, Iceland

– “At Home: Talks with artists about Place and Practice”; a research project on Canadian artists, through the Israeli Institute for Canadian Studies.

– “Walls I Have Known”; An artist book of wall-related projects from the past 10 years of performance.

– “Wall of Perpetual Drawing”, an ongoing wall drawing project, artist’s studio, Ramat Hasharon, Israel (video works, installation)

– “Home and Garden”; series of actions in artist’s home and garden (video works, catalogue)

– “Binaural Artists Residency”, Nodar, Portugal

– “Housekeeping”: ongoing series of performances for video, Ramat Hasharon, Israel
– “From the Void” (in the late hours of the night), project and exhibition at Alon High School Gallery with art department students, Ramat Hasharon, Israel
– “Sisters at Work”, Collision06 Symposium, Victoria, B.C. (Support of Canada Council)

– “Walking Abandoned Walls”; I-Park Artists Residency, East Haddam, Connecticut (Support of Canada Council)

– “Woman Enough”, traveling exhibition-in-a-box, with Ami Steinetz Contemporary Art Projects, Tel Aviv, Israel

– “Circle with a Centre”, Artists Residency, Boreal Art / Nature Center, La Minerve, Quebec
– “Intimate Investigations”, Western Front Performance Rituals, Vancouver, B.C. (Support of Canada Council)

– “Backyard with Olive Grove”, site-specific performance project and artist’s book, Savyon, Israel
– “Large Movements and Small Actions” – performance project and book with Sheila Ghidini, San Francisco / Tel Aviv, included in Mobilivre / Bookmobile, Canada Council traveling exhibition of artists’ books, USA/Canada 2005


Books / Articles in books / catalogues / Journals

– “At Home: Talks with Canadian Artists about Place and Practice”, by Lezli Rubin-Kunda, Goose Lane Editions, Canada

– “On Water”, The 7th Geumgang Nature Art Biennale Video Exhibition catalogue, Gongiu National Museum, Korea

– “The Eureka Bliss Project”, Liliana Orbach, video interview

– Catalogue, Television Interview, “Fragments of Knowledge”, 5 Approaches to the Encyclopedia Hebraica, Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel
– “Artists Write about Themselves”, Panim 61, Journal of Culture, Education and Society
– Rachel Shalita, “Dialogue with Contemporary Art,” Art Educators Institute, Israel

– Yael Kainey: Dialogue in the Studio; in “Walls I Have Known”, original in Hebrew; translation by L.Rubin-Kunda

– Charlotta Kolik, “Marking Space,” a Drawing Sound and Performance Project, essay for Kentler Gallery publication
– Dafna Yaacobus, Achbar Jerusalem, “Lost”, artist profile (Wall Work at Barbur Gallery)
– “Three Years in Nodar”: Context-Specific Art Practices in Rural Portugal, Luis and Rui Costa, Editors, Nodar Edicions

– Dana Gillerman, Haaretz, `Galleria, Artist’s Wall Series

– Randy Rosenberg, Art in Action: Nature Creativity and Our Collective Future, Natural World Museum, San Francisco, California
– Nature in Mind, Nature Biennale, Gongiu National Museum, Korea

– Marta Pol I Rigau, Dona-Arbre: Monique Bastiaans, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Mireya Maso, Fina Miralles, Shirin Neshart, Lezli Rubin-Kunda,Espais Foundation of Contemporary Art, Girona, Spain

– Shinn Ben-Alon, Merav, “Passage Installations” 2004-2005, Tel Aviv, Israel
– Shinn Ben-Alon, Merav, “Backyard with Olive Grove”, Tel Aviv, Israel

– Singh Victoria, “Ritual in Contemporary Performance”, anthology, Western Front, Vancouver, Canada

– “Intimate Investigations”, Front Magazine, Western Front, Vancouver, Canada

– Katz-Frieman Tami, “Close to Home”, Daily Interactions, Tel Aviv, Israel
– Eyland, Cliff, “Local Activity”, Gallery One One One, University of Manitoba, Canada

– Barkai, Sigal “Studio Visit”, Terminal Magazine, Tel Aviv, Israel

– Lavi Monica “A Temporary State of Grace”, Arad Museum, Arad, Israel

– Bar-Natan Yifat “Transient Positions”, New Art Center, Kiryat Tivon, Israel

– Bar-Lev Jennifer, “Impossibly Northern Continents”, Yefet 28 Gallery, Jaffa, Israel