Tel Aviv, Israel 2012

The event was a book launch for the artist Bilu Blich, in his studio in an old area of Tel Aviv. I worked in the study- a room in the studio with an extensive library of books lining one wall.

For several days I made drawings onto the walls, of the local flora, gathered from the neighborhood. onto the walls; I also created a kind of lacey embroidery from puncturing holes into the bubbly rotting plaster walls.

Throughout the day of the event, each person who entered the room chose a book from the shelves, and read aloud, while I copied the passage onto the opposite wall (The books were in both English and Hebrew, so the writing went from both left to right and right to left). Each interaction between reader and artist, and text and wall, was an intimate and unique exchange.

The books were given a last moment of life and grace: after the event, the library was dismantled.