Victoria, Canada 2006

A collaborative project with Wendy Rubin.

For several days we explore the area in and around Victoria, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, with vocal and material-based actions. We edit and present this video at the conference, along with a site-based participatory activity on campus.

The ‘collision’ is often more of a fluid dialogue- between the disciplines of a materials and body- based performance and vocal improvisation, between sisters and soul-mates highly attuned to each other; between the past and present… We are returning to Victoria where we lived at a different, younger stage of our lives to revisit and reexamine the locale through the lens of our ‘performance’. (from symposium text)

Created for Collision’06 Inter-Arts Symposium, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada

– – –

I would like to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, in this project.