Winnipeg, Canada 2000

I come to Winnipeg, the city where my grandmother arrived from the ‘old country’, and where my mother grew up. I visit the family’s old neighborhood, I wander around the campus and the outlying fields. I then spend a week in the gallery, creating order from the chaos of local material, looking for threads of connection through this labor, to my grandmother’s immigrant experience.

The performance could be seen unfolding through the large gallery windows; a video showed the previous day’s activity, polaroid shots of the activity were laid out. An installation of the remnants of the materials and actions, the photos, video and notebooks remained on view as an exhibition.

Gallery One One One, School of Art, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada

Link to: Gallery One One One

A CD-ROM catalogue of the show, including an essay by curator Cliff Eyland available through the gallery office