Barcelona, Spain 2003

In the courtyard of the Museum of Modern Art, I dig up earth, shovel it into sacks, and carry it through the streets, accompanied by medieval ecclesiastic music in one of the sacks. I descend into the ancient basement cellar of a local gallery, where I carry out actions using the earth, the local produce and the debris collected in the area: these are projected onto a large monitor facing the street.

“‘Earth’ is a culturally loaded and convoluted term, the underlying material of the locale, over which our complex, man-made environment is built. But this intimate, sensual connection, unacknowledged or negated, must be carried on surreptitiously underground, like the meeting of the medieval ‘witches’ mixing their medicinal herbs on the outskirts of town.” (from EBent catalogue)

Performed for the Ebent’03 International Performance Festival, Barcelona, Spain.