A brief illustrated history of the walls of the city of Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Israel 2014


A live drawing action that takes place over several days, in one of the abandoned rooms of the Hansen Hospital in the Lepers’ Colony in Jerusalem.

I draw maps of the old and the new city, beginning with the tracing of the ancient city walls and then moving on to the boundaries of the modern city, with its constantly shifting borders and the erection of the serpentine Separation wall; I then overlay the whole with a grid and erase each section, until only a hint of the maps remain against the charcoal contour of the Jerusalem hills.

In an additional live action, for video only, Walking the walls of the Lepers’ Colony, I attempt to mount and walk on the walls that circumvent the grounds of the Lepers’ colony.

The work was part of the event, Borderline, organized by the experimental art group Mamuta for Traces V- Beyond Paper, the 5th Biennial of Drawing, in Jerusalem.

Link to: The 5th Biennial of Drawing in Jerusalem