Janco-Dada Museum, Israel 2013

The Encyclopedia Hebraica was an important milestone and a staple of many Israeli homes over the last half century. But like other encyclopedia sets, it has become obsolete; its limited linear organization of information opens up to multi-dimensionality.

For a show dealing with the Encyclopedia Hebraica, fragments from the books are adhered to the large museum entrance wall; they begin to interact with one another, or to break apart, dissolve.

The wall has its own accumulated archeological layers of marking and textures from previous exhibitions which are revealed as I rub and draw into the pock-marked wall with charcoal and graphite powder.  Like the wall’s surface, knowledge too is transient and ephemeral.

5 Approaches to the Encyclopedia Hebraica, Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel, 2013
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