Networks, webs, intricate connections and dissolutions: Each work hints at equivalencies, on both a cosmic and a micro-cosmic scale, to technological and biological systems.

These include – underground tree root or fungi networks, spiders’ webs, nerve or brain networks, aerial mappings of roadways and cities, star constellations.

The works often begin by adding random dots or punctures to the limitless space of the empty surface. I then connect these points with lines of different rhythms and frequencies. For one group of works, I use primarily graphite, sometimes with the addition of colored pencil, pastel or paint, on heavy drawing paper. For others, I etch the lines into a surface of cold wax and pigment.   

The webs or networks form and then break apart continuously, each work caught at a temporary resting point in a state of constant flux and transformation.

Some of the larger works lend themselves to expansion to fit specific sites, working in an improvisatory manner either directly on the walls or on multiple panels in the space.

Link to exhibition: Open Frequency, 2023, Wilfred Museum, Kibbutz Hazorea >

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